Web Apps  are all "web apps" i.e. regular web pages, but designed for various size screens, mobile devices (they run in your browser).

If you are on-the-road headed for a campground or swimming hole, you might lose the Internet before you get there. Best to get your route into your device's auto nav app or (better) into a GPS device (like Garmin or Tom Tom) BEFORE you get disconnected.*  (see our GPS TIPS)

With no connection, the last map and last points will remain as long as you keep the map page open. If you have panned and zoomed the map, much of that will remain also.  The balloons will work and you will have lat/lon and phone numbers, etc. for all the points on the map. Load up the app then turn off your internet connections and see what still works.

Swimfone (only) - You can easily save entire State pages for off-line reference. Most mobile browsers have a "reading list" or "saved pages" function that will do this.  You can also use an app called "POCKET" (free at your app store) which does this very well.
 See Using your BROWSER to save a web page offline  or  Using the POCKET app to save a web page offline.  

Laptop/pad users

Even if you have a big screen, when you are on-the-road with a cellular connection, you should use the "fone" apps (not the desktop websites). The fone apps are easier on your data plan AND have safeguards in case you lose connection.

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